First Look at Qeus Home Control Media Player

The Qeus smart integrated entertainment system ups the ante of the typical media player. While other media players have added micro gaming (mobile phone type games), the Qeus includes home control. This adds the most of the functionality of smart TVs like the new Sony that has smart home control.

Qeus (pronounced “chaos”) is manufactured by Snakebyte that makes mice, keyboards and other gaming accessories. Their plan is to also manufacture a line of home control devices—a thermostat, doorbell, and lighting to name a few.

The integrated player runs on Android but isn’t an Android TV. It will have a custom interface (that will be refined from the screenshot pictured here). Streaming services so far include Netflix and Google Play for music, movies and light gaming. The integration of home control will allow users to get an onscreen notification of the doorbell ringing or security alert while watching a movie on Netflix. Plus, home control integration means users can control their smart home devices with the Qeus remote and onscreen menu.

The Qeus is priced at $100 and is expected to be available in Summer 2016.