Promises, Promises...

In my Track One column in the print edition of S+V’s June/July/August 2011 issue, I mentioned that I would be discussing my experiences with Autonomic’s Mirage MMS-5 media server in this space. Wellll... things change. Because we’re all good friends here, I’ll give you the scoop.

S+V’s technical editor Al Griffin and I were on the horn discussing upcoming product-review options a few weeks ago when he mentioned that our custom installation guru John Sciacca, our go-to expert for media-server evals, really, REALLY wanted to get his hands on that Autonomic piece. Could I relinquish the cloud, so to speak, and let John do it?

Seeing how my sked for the next few weeks/months appears to be keeping me more on the road than in the home lab, I made the big-boy call, and John gets his wish. Keep an eye on the site (and the mag) for John’s review of the MMS-5. I know he’ll do an amazing job with it.