Project Nursery Delivers World’s First Parent + Baby Wearable

Today Project Nursey expanded on the company’s line of baby monitors by releasing the Parent + Baby SmartBand. This combines two of the hottest current trends in consumer electronics, smart wearables and baby tech, into a single product which is the first wearable device designed exclusively for new parents. The SmartBand is designed to ease the pain of “journaling” that many new parents encounter as they track the progress and development of their newborn.

Some of the items the SmartBand tracks include breastfeeding and bottle feeding, pumping, pre- and post-natal vitamins, medications, diaper changes, fetal movements, child weight and naps. Additionally the device keeps track of parents’ health and well-being by tracking and logging hydration, weight, diet, exercise, and sleep. The app saves data for both mom and baby in graphs and logs making it easy to chart progress over time.

The data can then be synced to a smartphone app where it can be shared with pediatricians, OBs, or even other family members in “journal pages” that can be printed or emailed. Further the app has customizable alarms and reminders to help keep on schedule, and can send positive messages to the wearer throughout the day to keep them happy and motivated.

To keep up with the busy and messy life of caring for a newborn, the SmartBand touchscreen is splash-resistant and features up to 30 days of battery life on a single charge, best-in-class across all activity and fitness trackers. The Parent + Baby SmartBand will be available in February at a retail of $150 and will include three different colored wristbands – blush pink, white, and black.