Processing Gone Wild

Always ready to keep the home theater industry on its toes, Anthem has introduced a new and improved version of its popular AVM 50, the AVM 50v. The full-featured surround processor stands out in the crowd with added HDMI inputs and improved audio and video processing. Its processing abilities are increased through Sigma Designs VXP digital video processing and two dual-core Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engines for audio processing.

But what does this mean for your source material? Anthem claims the new technologies will guarantee deep color, improve noise reduction, and decode the latest audio codecs from Dolby and DTS HD. The company even has your back in the future, as they promise to provide a free software download to support Dolby Volume as well. When you add to that Anthem’s ARC-1 room-correction system, TruMotionHD adaptive deinterlacing, and Anthem’s reputation in the home theater biz, the AVM 50v looks like it will be a keeper.

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When will it be available?