Polk's New SoundBar 360 DVD Theater

Sound Bars are all the rage and with good reason. Not everyone wants to fill their room up with large speakers and run all the necessary cabling for surround sound. However, it would be a shame for new flat panel owner's to miss out on the important element of sound with their high def images. So SoundBar's are sure better than relying on the internal speakers of the TV. Plus they are faster and easier to set up so I can definitely see the attraction for the average consumer.

Polk Audio's entry into this category is impressive, at least on paper. (They only had two static systems on display). Its a two piece system consisting of a sleek, gloss black speaker bar and a separate component with all your electronics.

The speaker bar itself is way smaller than a lot of current products [44" W x 4 7/8" D x 4 1/8" H] and contains all your speakers including the subwoofer. In fact, its the only all-in-one speaker bar I've seen that claims a sub is not needed. The electronics module includes an integrated DVD/CD player, SDA signal-processing amplifier and a AM/FM radio. It also features HDMI output and Faroudja DCDi upconversion to turn any S-Video or composite signal into high-definition video [480p, 720p, and 1080i] resolution.

Polk's proprietary SDA (Stereo Dimension Array) technology combines signal processing and acoustical geometry to create 360 degree surround from the eight drivers. Polk's patented Power Port Bass Venting System is designed to provide the power and impact of a sub with out the external box and wiring.

The SurroundBar360˚ DVD Theater is scheduled to retail for $1,199.95.