Polk LSiM

The new Polk LSiM flagship lineup was mentioned in an earlier blog, but here's a shot of the whole family, from the top of the line LSiM 707 floorstanders ($4000/pr) on down to the two different center channels speakers (both of them 3-ways). This range was announced and first shown as last year's CEDIA, but production has been much delayed (see below for one reason why!). But they are now ready to ship. We're anticipating a review system real soon now.

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I am bothered by the inverted design of the tweeter/midrange set-up. I know somewhere years back I toyed with somebody's speaker that had this designed(it could have been a Pioneer model). I did not care for the sound quality. I am not to sure this is the right design for 5.1 surround sound either. If a group of these are tested, I would certainly hope that not only a stereo but a minimal 5.1 surround test is done.