A PlayBox Is a Box for Playing Sonos PLAY:1 Speakers

The PlayBox isn’t hard to understand. It’s an enclosure (a.k.a., a box) that allows you to mount a Sonos PLAY:1 speaker in a recessed niche in a wall.

It’s an interesting hybrid of an in-wall speaker and an on-wall speaker winds up looking—in my opinion, anyway—better than either of the two traditional options for mounting speakers on/in a wall. The PlayBox is specifically designed for the Sonos PLAY:1, and it involves more than the physical dimensions. Routing management for the PLAY:1’s power cord is designed into the PlayBox, and the inner left and right edges of the PlayBox’s trim plate are beveled to match the rounded styling of the speaker. The front of the PLAY:1 extends out from the wall just enough the speaker’s volume control is easily accessible.

Models will be available for both custom installers and DIYers starting at $159. Shipping of PlayBox enclosures are expected to begin late this year or early in the first quarter of 2016.

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Any "Custom Installer" (and I use the term loosely here) who uses this should exit the business. This, and the in-ceiling abomination I have seen for the Play 1 speaker, are the worst idea I have seen in the industry in quite a while. If you are going to cut into the wall, why not put a GOOD speaker in the wall, with PROPER amplification? This is a shortcut that needs to die a quick death. By the way, good luck getting this past inspectors...you can NOT run the power cord in the wall...

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Dude you are so freaking right. Folks really don't understand there is a code to follow. This is a total waste of money. If a house catches fire because of this, you license and pocket book are burnt!!!

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These do follow code. The speaker plugs into a power supply inside the enclosure and that power supply draws power from romex that is either tied into a nearby electrical outlet or straight to the fuse panel.