Pixels & Bits: Episode No. 2

In Episode 2 of Sound & Vision's Pixels & Bits podcast, editor-in-chief Rob Sabin and contributing technical editor Steve Guttenberg discuss the birth of VHS and the Betamax/VHS videotape format war, spotlight the $3,000 HiFiMan HE1000 magnetic planar headphones (4:24); debate whether $6,000 headphones are really worth it (5:15); and talk about how the longevity of some audio products adds to their value (14:00).

drny's picture

Solid discussion on value to cost factor in audio products.
If I could easily afford a $300,000 thousand Ferrari I would not hesitate to take the plunge. Not because I'm an ego driven hedonist, but simply for the joy of the experience. A Ferrari epitomizes artistic automotive beauty intertwined with sheer visceral sensation of the driving experience.
The same could be said by Hi-Fi man magnetic planar high end head phones.
I'm eager for the next episode.