Pixels & Bits: Episode No. 1

In this first episode of Sound & Vision's podcast Pixels & Bits, Editor-in-Chief Rob Sabin and Contributing Technical Editor Steve Guttenberg discuss their roots in high-end audio; the affordable Magnepan MMGi magnetic planar speakers (4:00); the problem with "feature glut" (9:00), and whether Sonos sacrificed too much sound quality to gain simplicity with its Playbar soundar (14:20).

Comments are welcome on these subjects, along with your suggestions for future episodes!

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Rob from the left; Steve from the right. The pair of speakers flanking my computer screen personified those talking on the screen. Very interesting. Good job, guys! Maybe next time halfway through the podcast you should get up and switch sides. Just to blow my mind.

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Rob, fantastic. Very good discussion with Steve and salient points about the feature glut in many products (particularly A/V Receivers).

I know you have other podcasts in the making, but two I can think of which would be imperative for the readers of the magazine would be two podcasts featuring:

1) You and Mark Fleischman discussing object-based surround (Dolby Atmos, DTS-X and Auro) and the struggle between using satellite/subwoofer setups vs full range speakers with built-in subwoofers. Mark favors Sat/sub because of placement flexibility but others will advocate the benefits of sound integration of a full range speaker (think Bill Duddleston's Legacy brand and the incredible towers he builds and sells as well as the newcomer Tekton Design built by Erik Alexander.

2) Podcast with Michael Fremer and Ken Pohlman discussing the good, bad and ugly about vinyl's resurgence, Sony opening a new pressing plant and the digital versus analog never ending battle. Also, what makes a good sounding record? Virgin vinyl, recording using tubes, Mobile Fidelity new process, etc. The return of Technics beloved turntables and the incredible Class A Stereophile rated SB-C700 monitor that sounded superior to the KEF LS-50.

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...and much appreciated feedback, guys. Steve and I will be hosting these ongoing and plan to bring in guests to spice things up, and I love the idea of getting Mark and or Fremer (who are also in the New York City area) to sit in and hash on these things.
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I am really eager to listen to this podcast; more HT and Hi-Fi podcasts are always a plus.

My suggestion right off the bat is to change the name and put it on iTunes. Why change the name? First, the majority of people who hear the "Pixels and Bits" are going to automatically think of video games. Which ties into my second point: There is already an established podcast on iTunes, and(unsurprisingly) it's about video games.

The two other reasons you should consider changing the name of the podcast to something like Sound & Vision live are:

a)Sound & Vision already carries brand recognition, so HT and Hi-Fi fans stumbling onto the podcast would be more likely to give it a listen, and
b)using your magazine's own title in the podcast name is good cross-marketing to lead new fans to your website and mazagine.

Again, this should really be available on iTunes. Most folks I know who don't work in front of a computer get their podcasts EXCLUSIVELY from iTunes or another mobile podcatcher. You'd be expanding your visibility by a fair margin.

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I meant to say ..."there is already an established podcast called Pixels and Bits on iTunes, and(unsurprisingly) it's about video games"........

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It's hard for Steve to pull his punches, and I love that about him.
Now include Ken Pohlman and sparks will fly indeed.
Thanks Rob for this segment.
Now If Julian could send his thoughts from the eternal hereafter the segment would be addictive.