Phazon Makes a Splash with Waterproof Wireless Earbuds That Stay Put

Phazon has announced a one-size-fits-all earbud with characteristics normally reserved for custom earbuds - they’ll stay in no matter what. They also have a waterproof rating of IP68, suitable for up to 1 meter.

The Phazon earbuds have Bluetooth 4.1, and music playback is controlled by different tapping sequences on the earbuds. If you’re using them while swimming, that might disrupt your stroke, but only for a beat or two, and it’s certainly easier than bringing your phone into the pool. They’ll play for up to 6 hours on a single charge, and they come with a keychain carrying case that provides up to three complete additional charges, and it provides an 80% charge in 20 minutes.

The coolest feature of them is an app that helps you track and find the earbuds if you’ve misplaced them. There’s another app that lets you customize the equalization playback response. Realizing that people want to customize their look too, the earphones are available in an array of colors: Crimson red, Lush green, Perse purple, Graphite grey, Ashen grey, Midnight blue and Sunset orange.

They’re available for $179 as a preorder special on or, and will retail later in February for $199.

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I backed what I thought was a campaign for a new tech startup company 21mo ago. Since then, all of us have received reworded variations of the same "updates" letting us know that the connections are still being worked on, the PCBs failed or need a new supplier, and then another color survey asking us what shade of red we like, or color charging case. End of the day, they are no closer to completion than they were when I signed up in Dec or 2015. When asked why their updates seem repetitive and recycled, we only get "technology is challenging". When asking for refunds, we're met with, "We already used the money to buy components." The team's personal instagram accounts show a pretty nice wedding for the "president" Chris, and a nice 3 week honeymoon as documented by his wife. At the exact same time as the honeymoon, we were all sent an "update" where Chris claimed, "I'm now spending every waking moment in the factory making sure we get these working and ready for production." Can't work tirelessly while riding elephants. ( Other Phazon team posts surf and tropic vacations to Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. Now, in the updates for late summer 2017, we're being told that they're now getting 30' Bluetooth connection. When I signed up in 2015, they had already had working demo models, they claimed. End of the day: Phazon is too inconsistent, and their laziness to concoct new reasons for where our money went, and why they're just a name on a piece of paper, is starting to show. Not to mention, if they don't have $150-$500 for a refund out of the $2mil they collected, how do we expect them to have enough for another 2 years of "development" and then full fledged production to release a tangible product? If you haven't "backed" Phazon: Don't! If you did, sorry, we got taken.

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Stop others from being scammed by Chris Houle (Phazon). Follow the links and file a complaint. Chris and Martin have now sunk to new lows by trying to REFUND backers to silence them so they can keep a positive reputation and scam more people. We’ve been deceived and lied to for too long. Here are the links:


Hi all, in reaching out to the BBB, they pointed me to the Canandian governement, privy agency.
This would be another angle we can report on them.