The Peerless-AV Outdoor TV Brings Entertainment To the Extreme

When wandering around the convention floor gets overwhelming, it’s always interesting to head over to the LVH (aka The Old Las Vegas Hilton) to check out the smaller booths and hospitality suites. It’s quieter, and the food is usually better. That’s where I found Peerless-AV demonstrating their latest product release, the Peerless-AV 47” Ciil Outdoor TV, designed for consumers. They also have a line of commercial products.

The Ciil Outdoor TV is exactly what you need for your outdoor cabana or poolside bar. It would also be great in an outdoor restaurant or bar. I’m thinking extreme tailgate party. It’s a 1080p system with safety glass and an aluminum chassis. It is vent-free so there are no filters, and it has an IP65 rating for water- and dust-resistance, and it’s made in the US.

Feeling the Polar Vortez? This TV can handle it. It’s rated from -24 to 124 degrees Fahrenheit. While you won’t catch me outdoors in either of those extremes, it’s good to know that I could leave the TV outdoors without worrying about it.

Peerless-AV has a complete lineup of TVs ranging from 32” to 55”. The price of the 47” will be announced shortly and it will be available in mid-February.