Panasonic Shows Ultra HD Blu-ray

While the Panasonic booth was heavy on things other than HDTVs and Ultra HDTVs (unlike past years, where walls of the Panasonic were covered with now defunct plasma sets), there were a couple of items of video interest. Shown in the photo above is a prototype of a functional Ultra HD Blu-ray player from Panasonic, the only manufacturer that showed this advanced hardware at the show. Things appear to be moving along on that front, but don’t expect to see UHD Blu-ray hardware and software until, hopefully, late in 2015.

In a darkened space, Panasonic also showed a prototype High Dynamic Range set. In the same area they also showed their current flagship AX900 4K set (not HDR), which should be available by the end of this month (January 2015).

gunhed's picture

Remember the days when a trip down to your local video store was a combination of anticipation, mystery and discovery ? What fun ! Well those days look set to return. 4K blu ray, how many GB per disc ? Goodnight pirates !

Thomas J. Norton's picture
My current information says 60GB for a two layer disc and 100 GB for a 3 (!) layer.