Panasonic Projects

Panasonic was demonstrating its new PT-AE7000 3D projector ($3500) on a 100-inch (diagonal) Joe Kane Affinity screen (gain 1.1) from Da-Lite. Granted that the 3D program material was all animated, which is almost always impressive on a video display, it nevertheless looked superb. The trailers from Toy Story 3, The Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast all had me salivating for the full releases (scheduled for October--at least for the latter two). It was interesting to see that the 3D re-processing of the older hand drawn animation on Lion KIng and Beastlooked very good, with a minimum of the layered cardboard cutout effect. Kudos here to both Disney and Panasonic.

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Excellent to hear Tom. I am very interested in this new pj.

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I'm glad to hear they changed the demo material from the first day. For that they had Pirates of the Caribbean to show off 2D to 3D conversions, and Astro Boy for a 2D clip. Neither of them was something I would have picked, but Toy Story 3 and Beauty of the Beast would have been much better. It's too bad that wasn't there the first day when I went to look as I left a little disappointed.