Panamax Power360 Provides All-Around Protection

Panamax is introducing three new Power360 series surge protectors at CEDIA today. The wall-mounted DOCK includes six surge-protected outlets along with two USB ports. The USB ports share a 2 amp capacity, allowing it to charge two smartphones simultaneously or a single tablet. A unique groove - Panamax calls it a “Technology Cradle” - along the top of the DOCK is designed to provide a convenient niche in which to place your smart device while it is charging.

The next of the three models is a power strip, called the SIX, which has six side-by-side surge-protected outlets in addition to dual USB charging ports (2 amps total), a protected coaxial in/out connection, plus a protected RJ45 telephone/DSL port. The SIX features another unique feature that allows the USB charger to be extended to a tabletop or shelf with a micro USB cable. The SIX also includes mounting holes for attaching the power strip to a wall. The EIGHT is a shorter-but-wider power strip with all the features included in the SIX plus two additional surge-protected outlets (for a total of…eight).

Panamax says that each device includes the company’s SmartGuard technology that monitors incoming power and protects agains both over-voltage and brownout conditions by automatically cutting power to the equipment if the voltage is too high or too low. The surge protectors then reset power when the voltage returns to normal.

The three Power360 series surge protectors have MSRPs of $29.95, $45.99, and $59.99, respectively.