That Ol' Blu-ray Magic

One of the most compelling demos of next-gen interactivity I've seen is a technology being dubbed Blu-ray Magic. Using Blu-ray's network-connected BD live platform, connects BD users to pertinent content and materials, even when there's no disc in the machine. For instance, the screen above is generated with no player in the drive, showing what's available and upcoming on Blu-ray and allows users to not only download and view trailers, but purchase or rent the featured titles through partners like Amazon and NetFlix.

In addition, the Gracenote-powered Related Content Database (RCDB) stores metadata on your music and movie library to update users when new material from their favorite artists becomes available on CD or BD. RCDB's Zane Vella loaded an Incubus CD into the player, we immediately saw the cover and title, and were then informed that Incubus has a concert BD available for rent or purchase.

The interface was clean, uncluttered, and not intimidating at all. Very user friendly. RCDB stressed the point that users are connected to each other and to content, not to a web browser. Neat!