NVIDIA Announces 65-inch Gaming Displays

Is it a gaming/computer monitor or a TV? NVIDIA announced 65-inch “big format gaming displays” (BFGD) from ACER, ASUS, and HP that could also work as either an office monitor or as your main TV.

The BFGDs are 4K HDR 120 Hz displays with a built-in NVIDIA Shield streamer. The Shield is an Android TV device with all of the major streaming apps and is capable of Chromecast. Like the stand-alone NVIDIA Shield, the built-in version has Google Assistant to not only control the TV and streaming services, but to control compatible Google Assistant smart home products. With Shield, these displays can stream anything you want in 4K HDR from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, Plex, and YouTube and offer a number of other movie, TV and music apps as well as apps like Plex and Sling TV for streaming live TV. This pretty much fulfills the definition of a TV in my book.

The displays include NVIDIA’s G-SYNC gaming technology but it’s not only a benefit for gamers. The G-SYNC’s variable refresh rate technology and true 120 Hz panel can be set for genuine 24 Hz to match cinema quality frame rates. It can also match 48 FPS high frame rate content or any other frame rate from whatever type of media you chose. G-SYNC also offers best-in-class HDR with 1000 nit peak brightness

For gamers, these displays are much more. NVIDIA G-Sync not only delivers variable refresh rates but has very low-latency and PC-tuned HDR. These displays are designed for gamer enthusiasts looking for the ultimate in 4K PC gaming, but they might just as well be a TV. It’s time to bring the PC and the home theater together once and for all.