Now You See It, Now You Don’t: World’s Brightest Mirror TV

Electric Mirror has conquered the hospitality segment of the mirror TV market over the past 16 years and is now targeting the residential and commercial spaces with models that incorporate patented Iris glass technology said to allow TV images to show through the mirror better than any TV on the market.

“There is less glare and the clarity of the image is very sharp and crisp with the Iris mirror technology, which allows more light and color to come through the glass, explained Debra Wachter, director of marketing. “When the TV is turned off, the outline of the TV screen completely disappears and you have just a mirror.”

The company will start taking orders for Iris TVs in October. The new models are available in sizes up to 65 inches with a variety of frames to choose from. Turnaround time is four to six weeks for individual orders.

Pricing was not announced but these finely crafted disappearing TVs are not for the faint of wallet. The line Iris is replacing starts at around $3,000 and goes up to more than $10,000. Pricing for the new models will be slightly higher.