Sorry, at the moment I have nothing to report. Friday is the Mitsubishi line show, so check back Monday and I'll post what I saw. Rumor has it they've got a new TV that's got lasers! Now if I can just get my plasma tweeter speakers I'll be all set.

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Geoffrey,Read your reviews in 2005 on the infoucus 7210 and samsung sp-700ae DLP projectors. I am building a dedicated home theater in my house and like these 2. I have viewed the infocus a bit but never the samsung. If you had to choose which one would you pick and why? they both are around $3-4K right now, and for that price is there something else you would buy? and I think there are different versions of each, should I watch out for that also? the room will be completely dark.ThanksFrank Alvarez

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The Samsung has far better color accuracy, pretty much the best you can find in any non-CRT product That said, it