NEXTGEN TV Receiver Now Available at for $90

Atlanta DTH (ADTH) has announced that the NEXTGEN TV set-top receiver it introduced last summer has been updated and is now available at for $90 with free shipping.

The add-on receiver enables any TV with an HDMI connection to receive NEXTGEN TV (a.k.a. ATSC 3.0) signals TV over the air (with an antenna) and via the internet where available. ADTH says it can provide a better viewing experience (depending on available broadcasts), with better audio and video quality, high dynamic range (HDR) video, and Dolby audio.

The receiver will be on display at CES 2024, which opens next week in Las Vegas.

“The ADTH receiver is not only the industry’s first receiver certified to utilize the NEXTGEN TV mark from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), it’s also verified for content security and is the most affordable option in the market,” said ADTH President Ivy Shou. “We’re delighted to expand availability of the ADTH receiver beyond the ADTH website to now include”

Developed to meet the specifications of broadcasters who are upgrading to the NEXTGEN TV/ATSC 3.0 terrestrial broadcast system, the ADTH receiver is the first to meet the rigorous requirements of the electronics industry’s self-certification program.

With an internet connection, the ADTH receiver can benefit from continuous improvements, including enhancements spurred by user suggestions.

Since its introduction a few months ago, continuous software improvements have enhanced the device’s utility and ease of use, according to ADTH. The receiver’s on-screen display has been updated with a number pad to make it easier to tune to specific channels and a bookmarking function to save favorite channels.

Other recent updates have sped up channel changing, improved the electronic program guide, and addressed market-specific issues reported by broadcasters. Future updates will allow users to add channels, improve reception sensitivity, and personalize closed-captioning settings.

ADTH is also adding a recording function, which is currently available in “beta” mode.

The ADTH receiver supports a maximum resolution of 2160p (4K-quality), along with HDR, Dolby AC-4 Audio, and A3SA content protection. The device includes a remote control and features a dual-band Wi-Fi receiver and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

For more information on NEXTGEN TV, see NEXTGEN TV Aims to Keep Over-the-Air TV Broadcasting Relevant.

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