New Product: Hitachi P50H401 HD 50-inch Plasma TV

YOU'RE SO MONEY A few short years ago, a 50-inch plasma TV was a toy of the super-rich, reserved for those who could drop as much coin on a set as their kids' college tuition. At $2,500, Hitachi's P50H401 HD plasma heralds a new era, where bigscreens are within reach of ... well, at least someone you know. The 1,280 x 1,080 screen is not quite 1080p, but a much bettter fit than conventional 720p for all those 1080i broadcasts you watch. Try not to blow all those 1.3 milion pixels on Two and a Half Men.

ALWAYS PRIME TIME In addition to three user-programmable picture settings, Hitachi put in three timers that will automatically fine-tune the image between daytime and nighttime. If you think of it as a high-def werewolf, it sounds cooler. Price: $2,500 800-448-2244

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