New Headphones From Focal

Following up on the warm reception that its original Spirit One headphone received, Focal showed two new models today at the CEDIA Expo. Both have slightly larger earcups than the Spirit One, so they should be a little more comfortable.

The Spirit Professional, shown at right, lists for $349. It's voiced, according to John Bevier of Focal distributor Audio Plus Services, for "that dead-flat, professional studio monitor sound." It comes with a 4-meter coiled cord and a 1-meter cord with an inline mic/remote.

The Spirit Classic, shown at left, lists for $399. It has real leather headband covering and earpads; a 4-meter oxygen-free copper cord for home use, and a 1-meter cord with an inline mic/remote. Bevier said that because the Classic is likely to be used in noisy places like buses and planes, Focal added a little bump in the bass, "about 1 to 1.5 dB," he said.