NetReset Resets the Network

I have two problems with my Internet connection. First, I have to get Internet access at my home through satellite, and the inherent latency issues are sometimes a problem. As bad as the first – or even worse – is that the AC power coming into my house fluctuates quite a bit. So gadgets and devices with microprocessors tend to get confused and irritable, and I wind up having to reboot or restart said devices often enough that it makes me confused and irritable.

Blake Caudill told me he has the answer to all my problems. Well, no, he didn’t say that. What he did say was that his company’s new NetReset device might help reduce or eliminate a good many of the trips I make to my equipment cabinet to reboot my satellite modem and router.

The NetReset device looks like a two-outlet, plug-in surge suppressor – but it’s not a surge suppressor. It’s actually a programmable timer that power cycles the two outlets once a day to make sure your network gear stays in sync. Your modem should be rebooted before bringing the router on line, so power doesn’t get restored to the second outlet on the NetReset until one minute after the first. In addition to following the once-a-day schedule, the NetReset will power cycle the attached gear after a power failure, too.

The NetReset will be available in October. The MSRP is $64.95.