Netgear Brings Wireless HD Near Your Gear

Among the many that will be vying for the “Wireless HD Streaming Champion” is Netgear who announced a new HD/Gaming network kit that they say will provide seamless wireless streaming of up to 1080p video around your abode. It’s supposed to be easy to set up and can be added to an existing wireless network without requiring any special software installation.

Netgear’s new wireless systems use up to eight special “metamaterial” antennas. Thankfully these antennas are built-in rather than being external since seeing such a thing would frighten any small children or other small mammals that might live in your house.

The HD video shown during the demo did play back flawlessly – as advertised – but it was done over a network extending over maybe 10 feet. It’ll be interesting to see how it does in the real world, like in my house where wireless signals are eaten for lunch and spit out mercilessly.

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