Netflix 'Altered Carbon' Booth is Your Next Binge

Walking through South Hall of the LVCC I saw a booth that was covered in posters proclaiming the need to Boycott Psychasec. The posters were then covered in graffiti. Around the front of the booth were skimpily clad, incredibly lifelike male and female mannequins. Total WTF.

I stepped into the Psychasec booth curious to find out what it was, and it turns out that it is an incredibly smart campaign to promote Netflix’s new upcoming series, Altered Carbon. From what I could gather, in the future we are all just “human sleeves” and our essence is transported in the form of DHF – Digital Human Freight – into the sleeve of our choice. As long as your choice is young, beautiful, and in incredible shape. You can then add enhancements of your choosing.

The whole experience was played off as a company selling upgraded robot bodies, and it wasn’t until the very end that Netflix was mentioned. Clear your bingeing calendars because Altered Carbon starts streaming on February 2.