Multicultural Speakers

These Academy Sovran speakers should certainly get the award for the most-travelled consumer electronics equipment. Koetsu USA, a distribution company connected to the well-known Japanese cartridge manufacturer turned to the Italian company Chario for this particular speaker, which makes it one of the most transcontinental speakers out there.

All cross-cultural relations aside, Chario’s Academy Sovran speaker has some qualities that will entice the pickiest audiophile. For starters, the three-way floorstander earn big points for its appearance alone. Each cabinet is designed with solid Walnut or Cherry, and its baffle is made out of high-density fiberboard (HDF). Its striking appearance will stop your guests in their tracks. Technically, the speaker boasts some solid features as well. The Academy Sovran speaker is rated for 180 watts into 4 ohms, and it promises to deliver an impressive soundstage. It includes two 8-inch subwoofers, a 6.7-inch midrange woofer, and a 1.2-inch soft-dome Silversoft tweeter. Priced at $16,000/pair, these speakers are both intriguing and international.