Monitor Audio Previews Extreme Weather Speakers

You’d expect the British to know a thing or two about inclement weather, which is maybe why it took England-based Monitor Audio so long to come up with a right proper speaker designed to handle the elements with a stiff upper lip. The company proved it was more than ready to take on Mother Nature with the launch of its new All Weather in-ceiling speaker series.

The new line-up will feature four models, both a 6-inch and 8-inch version in stereo and single stereo-summing options. All speakers incorporate Monitor’s C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium) driver system which has been ported from the company’s critically acclaimed loudspeakers, utilizing 1-inch C-CAM Gold dome tweeters.

All of the new All Weather models have been designed to “beat the weather Gods” and meet IP55, ASTM-B117, ASTM-G154, and MIL-STD-883H certification for use in extreme climates. This series incorporates advanced levels of water, dust, corrosion, UV and temperature protection, including a completely encased mineral-filled polymer rear panel as well as a layer of specially formulated material designed to ensure a long-lasting waterproof seal. Additionally, the back has a unique silicon-guard that protects the wiring terminals. The low profile, trimless grills are engineered from high-grade stainless steel and fixed to the speakers using non-corroding rare earth magnets.

The 6-inch models include the AWC265 and AWC265-T2 and are rated down to 60 Hz and 105.8 max dB, and the 8-inch AWC280 and AWC280-T2 are rated to 50 Hz and 109 dB. The series will start at $395 each for the AWC265 and $495 each for the AWC280 and are expected for November delivery.

Monitor Audio also demonstrated its new 70-volt Climate Garden Series which will include 4-inch CLG140 satellites ($500 each) along with a 12-inch CLG-W12 in-ground subwoofer ($2500). This series will also be available in November.