MartinLogan Teases New Motion Tower

MartinLogan didn't have a lot of information to share about this prototype of this new tower, which is intended as the new flagship of the Motion Series speaker line. Like the other Motion Series speakers, it uses the Folded Motion AMT-type tweeter, which reviewers at Sound & Vision and many other mags and websites have lauded for its super-spacious, dynamic and clean sound. The difference is that this new model has an extra-large version of the Folded Motion tweeter, developed with the goal of delivering the same sound quality with higher output.

The new speaker also features a single 6.5-inch midrange driver and two 8-inch woofers. Projected price is somewhere around $3,000/pair, which puts it at about $1,000/pair more than the Motion 40, which is the current top of the Motion line.