Life n’ Soul Makes a Splash with Compact Waterproof Speaker

Life n’ Soul realizes that not everyone plays it safe with their electronics. Some folks, in fact, play wet n’ wild with theirs. Enter the BM215 fully waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Take it to the pool or stick it to the bathtub—singing in the shower never sounded so good.

The BM215 is a small IPX7-rated speaker, fully immersible underwater down to 1 meter. Worried about losing it in a bubble bath? No problem—the BM215 has a lockable suction cup: Stick it to the tub or the window over the kitchen sink. The suction cup should work on just about any smooth surface. Want to take it on the go? It also has a handy carabiner so if it’s wet and drippy, you can hang it outside a backpack. An optional pedestal stand lets it transition easily from the beach to the boardroom.

The Bluetooth isn’t just for music—the BM215 can take phone calls too. It has Siri voice-activated controls. The 50 mm full-range driver has a frequency response of 120 Hz-20 kHz—not exactly earthshaking, but for casual listening, it’s adequate. The Bluetooth range is the typical 30 feet. It charges via a 3.5mm charging port. It's rated to play for 5 or 6 hours, and is said to recharge completely within 3-4 hours.

For music not just by the pool, but in the pool, the BM215 is available in black, blue, or red from Life n’ Soul. It just might be the life of the pool party.