LG Demos Ultra-Wide Computer Monitors

We don’t generally don’t cover computer monitors at CES, but LG showed a wide selection of 4K and higher resolution designs.

This 38WK95C, ultra-wide monitor caught my eye. At 37.5-inches (diagonal), with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 on a slightly curved screen (which makes more sense for a single viewer at a desk than it did on a TV), 10W x 2 stereo audio, Bluetooth, USB C and HDMI inputs, and HDR10 capability, this might be the makings of a neat desktop home theater to distract you from more serious computer tasks! Unfortunately, the screens are LCs and not OLED, but that should keep the prices (TBD) in check.

aduljr's picture

its 3840 x 1600 on the res. That would make it an ultrawide monitor, not a 4k.