LG’s New 77” Flagship OLED Impresses

The booths at CEDIA are invariably more modest in scale than what you’ll see at CES. But in LG’s case, that’s not for lack of trying. Outside the entrance, visible on the left side of the photo here, fifteen 55-inch OLED displays were clustered closely together, their thin bezels rendering the seams between them barely visible.

And while there wasn’t much inside that we hadn’t seen at the 2016 CES, there was one major announcement. LG’s flagship 77-inch OLED was unveiled for delivery next month (October). While a set this big invariably looks much smaller on a show floor than it will when you get it home, the new model looked every bit as striking as LG’s other current OLEDs. As with its other 2016 UHD OLEDs, it offers both Dolby Vision and HDR10, plus concierge treatment during setup and on-line or in-home service assistance, if required, as it should for its $19,999 price.

According to LG, their fortunes are up in other areas as well. Shipments of UHD sets for the industry as whole have numbered 7 million units so far in 2016, and the industry anticipates nearly twice that in 2017. LG also claims to have won a 14% share of the market for 2015 and expects to reach 30% this year. This is likely calculated by sales in dollars rather then by units, helped considerably by the high priced OLEDs. But it’s impressive nonetheless.