Klipsch Demos 3 Classics, Including Iconic Klipschorn

Three monumental history-laden floorstanding speakers were shown, and impressively demoed, at the Klipsch suite in the Venetian.

They included the Cornwall III and the Forte III, both three-way models with horns in both the tweeter and midrange drivers. But the real star was the mammoth Klipschorn (pictured), another three-way dual-horn model that backs up its 15-inch woofer with a nine-foot horn.

Demoed with Cary tube electronics and a V.P.I. turntable, it tempered its dynamic prowess with warmth and even delicacy, along with the kind of solid full-frequency presence and force few speakers can muster. The pricing is $5999/each, not per pair, raising the possibility of a large-scale surround system that can support SPLs of up to 105 dB. The veneers are beautiful. Don't worry, you won't need a sub.