Keep Your Floors Smart and Hot with Nuheat

With the major cold spell that recently blast-chilled the country, things like keeping your house and feet warm seem less like a luxury and more like an essential means of survival. Nuheat is North Americas’ leader in electric floor heating systems, and this week they announced the industry’s first WiFi thermostat for floor heating, the Nuheat Signature.

This system comes with a very slick 3.5-inch color touchscreen for local control and scheduling up to seven days of heating events, but also includes an iOS, Android and web browser for remote control. This allows you to check up on your home remotely to make sure that your puppy’s paws aren’t going to get too cold or too hot. The system can also send you push notifications to let you know if the temperature has gone beyond a set range.

For those that love metadata, the system will also track and display hourly, weekly and monthly energy usage. Nuheat Signature is compatible with any electric floor heating system using a 10K ohm sensor, and is suitable for use on tile and stone flooring. It also includes a temperature limit for use with laminate and engineered wood flooring.

The system also reports outdoor temps and weather forecast information. Looking to the future, Nuheat hopes to create 3rd party integration with automation companies like Control4 and Crestron. The Nuheat Signature will sell for $265 and be available this spring.