Keep an Eye on Your Sky with BloomSky

Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it. Or so goes the old saying. BloomSky, “the world's first crowd connected module”, won’t change the weather. BloomSky says its aggregated crowd-sourced community weather data will “disrupt the way people see, think and interact with the weather.” A spherical device about the size of a softball, BloomSky is a “hyperlocal” weather station that contains temperature, UV, humidity, barometric pressure, and rain sensors. It also includes a top-mounted 170-degree ultra-wide angle lens camera that takes a picture of the sky every three to five minutes (depending on changes in the weather detected by BloomSky’s other sensors).

BloomSky is battery powered and will come with an external solar panel attachment. The device’s rain sensors are said to be able to accurately distinguish when rain begins and ends thanks to 205 contact points mounted on an angled surface. The BloomSky app provides personal weather data along with live views of the sky.

BloomSky is expected to start shipping in April of 2015. Tentative pricing is $149, including the external solar panel.