June 2017 New Gear

Pioneer SE-MS7BT-K Wireless Headphones
You’ll be surprised by the price of these elegant headphones—they look way more expensive than they are and support both wireless (Bluetooth aptX/AAC with NFC) and wired playback (via a detachable cord for purists who prefer a direct connection). Battery life in wireless mode is rated for 12 hours, and the ’phones remember up to eight devices for hassle-free connection.
Big ’n Cushy: Sound is produced by “hi-res-capable” 1.5-inch drivers, while wide, ergonomically curved earpads create a seal around the ear to increase comfort and reduce noise. A microphone and buttons for play/pause/answer and volume are located on the edge of the left earcup for easy access. Available in tan or black faux leather with silver earcups or all black. Price: $130

Pioneer • (844) 679-5350 • pioneerelectronics.com


Linksys Velop Modular Wi-Fi System
The cleverly named (En)Velop is a modular Wi-Fi system designed to ensure “fast and reliable” wireless connectivity throughout a home. Each Velop “node” is a tri-band device capable of speeds up to 2,200 mega- bits per second that serves as a router, range extender, access point, and bridge. The use of mesh networking is said to prevent the “bottlenecking effect” where network speed is cut in half as the signal hops from one access point to another. Setup is handled via the “simple and intuitive” Linksys app, which also provides Wi-Fi management tools for guest access, parental controls, device prioritization, and more.
Don’t Hide Away: Looking like a compact Bluetooth speaker, Velop may be the first router that you don’t mind leaving out in the open. Price: $200 (one node), $350 (two nodes), $500 (three nodes)

Linksys • (800) 326-7114 • linksys.com


EPV DarkStar UST eFinity Light-Rejecting Projection Screen
The eFinity is a multi-talented 120-inch (diagonal) screen made for ultra-short-throw projectors that sit at the base of the screen. Its multi-layered optical microstructure is said to filter out up to 95 percent of overhead lighting, which enhances color contrast, black levels, and dynamic range while maintaining a 180-degee viewing angle.
Edge Free…or Not: The screen material wraps around an internal framework for an “edge free” look, but EPV provides a 0.4-inch bezel and remote-controlled LED backlighting kit for those who prefer a subtle frame and the ability to strike a mood. A spring-hook mounting scheme is said to make it easy to attach the screen to the frame with “perfect tension uniformity,” and the frame is split to ease maneuverability and reduce shipping costs. Price: $6,388

EPV • (562) 483-8198 • epvscreens.com


Sanus WSTV1 Swiveling TV Base
Wall-mounted TVs have been around long enough that they fail to impress. But a TV that hovers above your soundbase—now that’s cool. And precisely what the WSTV1 does when paired with the Sonos Playbase TV sound system (review on page 38) or most other soundbars.
Swivel Away: Born out of a partnership with Sonos, the TV Base is designed to support TVs weighing up to 60 pounds with screen sizes between 32 and 60 inches, pivots 40 degrees from left to right, and provides up to 8 inches of height adjustability. It’s also built to conceal all cabling. Setup is a three-step process that takes about 20 minutes and requires the use of a Phillips-head screwdriver. Did we mention it’s covered by a 10-year warranty? Price: $150

Sanus • (800) 359-5520 • sanus.com


Sony UBP-X800 UHD Blu-ray Player
Think of the UBP-X800 as a do-everything device that plays 4K Ultra HD movies and high-resolution music from any disc or streams them over Wi-Fi; you can even share music with wireless speakers around the house. The X800 supports high dynamic range (HDR) video and expanded (BT.2020) colors, upscales standard-definition video to 4K, and uses an adjustable algorithm to ensure proper brightness and color when playing HDR content on a TV lacking HDR capability. Supported audio formats include DSD, FLAC, ALAC, and AAC.
Precision Play: Sony developed a special drive mechanism to help maintain consistent performance with “virtually every optical disc format,” including DVD Audio and Super Audio CD. The player has a rigid “frame and beam” chassis, honeycomb top plate, and insulator feet to help reduce vibration. See our review here. Price: $300

Sony • sony.com

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Sony supporting SACD again?

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Sony never stopped supporting SACD. I think the question should've been "DVD-A....on a Sony?"