JBL Synthesis Demo One of CEDIA's Best

The JBL/Harman Luxury Group demo was perhaps the most impressive at the show for the totality of its picture and sound.

The front end electronics were all JBL Synthesis. The 15.1.10 (which is what they called it) Atmos speaker setup, all JBL, consisted of three Studio 4367 speakers across the front (slightly scaled-down versions of the JBL M2), 12 (!) SCL4s for the in-wall surround channels (the larger of the in-walls shown here), 15 (!) SCL3s (the smaller in-wall shown, with two bass-mid drivers) for the ceiling channels, and 8 S2SEX subs.

A Digital Projection Insight 4K Laser projector provided the picture on a 17-foot wide, woven, Screen Research acoustically transparent screen. The price for all of this was—as they say—”if you have to ask!”