Jaymar Adds Shake, Rattle, and Roll to Movies

It’s been a few years since I checked out motion seating (had a butt massage) at an electronics tradeshow so I stopped by the Jaymar booth at CEDIA 2015 to experience the “world premiere of new luxury D-Box motion-enabled seating.”

The Canadian furniture maker’s new Parallele line of leather home theater seating features built-in D-Box motion technology that aims to put you in the middle of on-screen action. I’ve never been a big fan of “butt-shakers” but this one was pitched as being subtle.

After a masterful sales pitch by VP Mario Thibeault—this guy could sell snow to the Eskimos—I sunk into the end recliner in a beautifully appointed and very comfortable sectional with a built-in cupholder and adjustable headrest to watch (and feel) a raucous clip from Furious 7. The seat shook and pitched on cue as muscle cars careened through the predictable mayhem but the effect wasn’t over the top—it was more realistically engaging that I had expected. An exploding vehicle provoked the most intense shaking but, again, it wasn’t ridiculously overdone. I’m not saying I’d install one of these seats in my home (even if I could afford it) but it was a stimulating experience.

A selection of loungers, sofas, and sectionals were on display with prices starting at about $2,000 for a motion-enabled lounger.

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It just hurt my back and I turned the theater DBox down to a 1.