IZON – Glasses-Free 3D TV

For some, video’s Holy Grail has become the quest for glasses-free, 3D TV. IZON held a press event to put on a technical preview of their take on this technology. Along with a 3D Blu-ray player, IZON used a 20-inch monitor with their technology built-in and showed Man of Steel, the latest Superman movie, in 3D. Nary a pair of glasses was in sight.

IZON’s technology is embedded into display and then converts the image into 3D on-the-fly without requiring the viewer to wear glasses. IZON says they are also able to utilize their technology for real-time 3D gaming, but there was a glitch with the Sony PlayStation on hand and they were unable to demonstrate it.

Ideal viewing range to experience the 3D effect on the 20-inch panel is 3-4 feet, and really requires the viewer to be at level with the screen for best results. IZON claims that larger displays on display in their booth have a larger viewing distance. While there was definitely enhanced depth to the image, it also had a very grainy, lenticular quality to me, reminding me of those old 3D postcards. Also, the image and 3D quality was definitely affected by moving my head in any direction. Upon closer examination of the screen, it has a texture to it.

Not many other details were given on the system or the technology, however IZON is targeting to release product by the third quarter of this this year.