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Photo GalleryThe system continues to evolve as the Pates discover different needs. Fortunately, the structured-wiring bundle we installed enables us to accommodate just about anything they might want. We've already swapped out several of the original 4-inch Via touchpanels and replaced them with larger 6.5-inch versions. A likely next move will be to upgrade the Escient music and movie system with Kaleidescape's server-based system. "I was really impressed with the Kaleidescape," says Phil. "The whole presentation and speed are top-notch."

At the end of a large job, nothing is more satisfying for the installation firm than having a homeowner who not only loves the system but also still likes working with the company. "I didn't want to have any service issues, so I selected a custom-installation company that had a good reputation for service," says Phil. "Ultimately, they made the job and my whole life a lot easier."

And that's what working with a custom installer is all about.

Custom Theater and Audio 843-357-2121

Partial Equipment List
MEDIA ROOM Runco VX-2ix three-chip DLP front projector Screen Research 126-inch 16:9 screen (3) B&W Signature 8NT speakers (front LCR) (4) B&W Signature 7NT speakers (side and back surround channels) Definitive Technology SuperCube Trinity Signature subwoofer Denon AVR-5805 MkII A/V receiver Denon DVD-2930 universal DVD player Elan Via2 8.5-inch wireless touchpanel controller Monster Power HTS 5100 PowerCenter Monster Power HT UPS 1000 uninterruptible power supply Lutron Grafik Eye four-zone remote-control lighting controller Middle Atlantic rack mount system WHOLE-HOUSE AUDIO Elan System12 16-source/8-zone audio controller with 12-source/16-zone video switcher (2) Elan A1240 12-channel house-wide power amplifiers Elan D1651 16-channel digital power amplifier Elan VIASC4 four-port system controller (8) Elan Via touchpanels ([1] Via Valet tabletop controller, and [3] Via64 and [4] Via40 wall-mount controllers) (2) Escient FireBall SE-80 digital music managers Elan DTNR dual-tuner FM/AM radio Polk Audio XRt12 Reference XM satellite radio tuner Escient SE-D1 DVD and music manager Sony DVP-CX777ES 400-disc DVD changer (25 pairs) Elan MM650C ceiling speakers (6) Niles RS6 outdoor speakers (2) Sonance Mariner 51W outdoor speakers Middle Atlantic rack mount system Monster Power HTS 5100 PowerCenter

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