Mr. 3000—Buena Vista

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If 3,000 hits is an automatic induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame, what do you do if you only had 2,997? Go back to the team and get those missing hits—even if you haven't played in nine years and you're 47. That's the situation that Stan Ross (Bernie Mac) is in. He's alienated everyone, and he's egotistical, selfish, and immensely charming. Mac captures the swagger, cockiness, and self-promotion that some athletes revel in today. During the course of his comeback, he has a second chance with an ex-flame and ESPN reporter (Angela Bassett) and a second chance with the team after he realizes what's really important.

The disc has standard Dolby Digital 5.1 and 1.85:1 anamorphic presentation, and, although not a lot is asked from the picture and sound, the actual footage the filmmakers got is marvelous. This looks like real baseball. Mac is completely believable as a hitter; no CGI was used, and the locales are authentic. Clips of Ross on SportsCenter and The Tonight Show add to the realism, and the uniforms and ballparks (both home and away) are genuine.

The extras package includes the usual features, as well as a nice featurette on the casting of the teams' players. Actual players were cast in an extensive tryout process. Guys flew in from all over the country just to possibly play in the field or even be extras on the bench. It shows real passion for the game.