iHome Takes Google to Bed with the iGV1 Bedside Clock

It’s all well and good to have smart speakers throughout the home, but it makes a lot more sense to have one right next to your bed. The iHome iGV1 is a bedside clock with Google Assistant, ready to wake you up with all the information you need to start your day.

The iGV1 will retail for $149.99 and it features Google Voice and Cast, along with Bluetooth and USB charging. It will interface with other iHome products such as their Smart Plugs, so you can turn on and off lights throughout the home with the Google Assistant.

It streams music through Wi-Fi so your clock radio now gets Pandora, iHeart Radio and more. It has far-field voice activation so it can hear commands from across the room, so the clock can be placed wherever you want. There are dedicated buttons on the top that can be set for favorite preset commands. You can set or cancel the alarm by voice, or the old-fashioned way.

The clock never needs setting because it gets its data via the Network Time Protocol. That feature alone is worth $150.