id America Sings a Rainbow with the Colorful TouchTone Wireless Speaker

While every manufacturer is making speakers in any color you want, as long as it’s black, id America is breaking the mold with their colorful new portable Bluetooth speaker, the TouchTone. This is a compact speaker that won’t break the bank - it’s available now for $80. It comes in a variety of colors, with an even greater palette available soon.

The TouchTone has a rounded rectangular shape with the speakers mounted on the sides. The top is the the touch pad, with a capacitive touch panel for play/pause, track navigation, a Mode control to switch between a connected playback source or Bluetooth (V3.0) and a volume control. The volume feature is reminiscent of the old volume jog-wheel controls on the original iPods, and it’s illuminated with a pleasant blue backlight. The bottom of the speaker has a rubberized finish to reduce vibrations. On the back is the power switch, line input and the USB charging port - it will play for up to 4 hours on a complete charge. It comes with the USB charging cable and it also includes a 3.5mm cable and a suede carrying case - both unexpected in this price range.

Usually when a company offers products in a range of colors, it typically signifies a low-end product. id America has managed to create the TouchTone in a variety of colors that does not scrimp on quality.