Hisense Focuses on Short-Throw Laser at CEDIA

Hisense brought its wide range of short throw 4K Laser TV projectors to the show. All of them use TI’s 4K imaging chip, and all of them come with dedicated screens.

All of the four models use laser-phosphor illumination. Only the two top models, a 100-incher (price TBD) and a 120-inch design ($13,000) claim wide color and employ dual lasers (blue and red lasers plus phosphor) to achieve all or near to P3 color. The lower priced offerings are $3,800 for the 88-inch model and $10,000 for a 100-incher, both using a single laser (blue, plus phosphors). They’re not rated for wide color.

All of the models are rated at 3000 lumens with a laser life rating of 25,000 hours. They also include built-in audio and should be available by the end of this year.