HearNotes WireFree Earbuds Blow Away the Cables

Consumer alert: we’ve all been misled for years, with companies selling us wireless headphones with wires. While they might use Bluetooth to wirelessly transmit the signal from the player to the headphones, typically there is still a cable of some sort connecting the left and right earpieces. HearNotes is truly wireless—WireFree as they like to say.

Debuting at CES this year, the HearNotes earbuds (MSRP: $350) are completely independent of each other. Each earbud is self-contained, and even charge wirelessly with inductive charging. What’s most exciting to any audiophile is that instead of using Bluetooth to carry the audio signal, HearNotes uses KLEER. This technology transmits 16-bit 44.1 kHz audio for lossless CD-quality—assuming your source is that good, as it should be.

The HearNotes use a small transmitter that plugs into your playback device—it plugs into the headphone jack and isn’t very big or bulky. The transmission range is up to 50 feet—blowing away most Bluetooth devices.

The HearNotes claim a playback time of over four hours on a charge, and they come with an inductive charging pad and carrying case. Since there are no wires connecting the earpieces, a carrying case becomes essential to keep the earbuds from getting lost in the bottom of a backpack or briefcase.

This is a new product that uses an innovative design. Better yet, they sound wonderful. Wireless headphone makers beware—this is what wireless should be.

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You actually got to wear them and hear them?