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One other thing that I want to talk about in this space is HD TV shows. While I won't force anyone to watch some of the movies I watch, I do however know good TV. One of the most distressing aspects of television watching is falling in love with a show, only to have it cancelled by an incompetent network (Firefly) or lack of viewers (tons of shows). So occasionally I'm going to put up a few shows that you should check out, if you haven't already. With few exceptions, they'll be HD, or at least widescreen. Trust me, if I'm watching them, they're worth watching.

How I Met Your Mother — While not the greatest show ever, it's consistantly amusing. Mostly thanks to Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris
Las Vegas — Despite what this show looks like from it's advertisements, it's not just Three's Company in a casino. It's a group of fun characters banding together to fight a common enemy. Just that makes it unlike most dramas which rely on "forced conflict".
Arrested Development — Best comedy on TV. Period. If you've ever wanted to learn how to write characters, study this (and Lost).

My Name is Earl — This is my favorite comedy show right now. It's just so good, mostly because it's incredibly funny, and so unlike any other comedy on TV.
The Office — Hmmm, ditto.
House — This show is great, as House says things that most people could only dream of saying. Great show, I never miss it. That, and it's one of the best looking shows in HD.

Lost — There are only two people in the country; those who love Lost and those who have never seen it. Go buy the first Season DVD, I guarantee you'll like it. I would put the first season of Lost up against the first season of any television show, ever. It's that good. This season, so far, is excellent.

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Geoff is a media god.

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No "Law & Order" or it's spin-offs? If I do buy a HD set prior to Hd or Blue Rya DVDs next year, this series will be the reason........

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True, it's consistently decent television. I'll watch CI every week, and usually the regular L&O. I didn

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What, no Alias?

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I am another House fan

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