HDBaseT Tells 4K to “Bring it!”

There’s been a lot of talk at the show about 4K – or Ultra High Definition, if you prefer – but no one is talking about how you’re going to move that signal from one side of your house to the other. Well, HDBaseT wants people to know that its technology is ready and waiting for the 4K revolution, and that it can send 4K video – along with full-resolution audio, control, Ethernet and power – over a single Category rated cable up to 328 feet!

HDBaseT has been catching on amongst manufacturers for a while as a robust means of moving signals long distances over an affordable cable. HDBaseT is easily added to any system in various forms such as adding a transmitter by the source and receiver by the display. A regular HDMI cable connects the source or A/V receiver to the transmitter which then sends the signal over a Cat 5/6 cable to the receiver which then turns it back into HDMI for connection to the display.

The technology is now field tested and proven and transmitters be found in various receivers from Pioneer and Onkyo and receivers built-in to several projectors and displays. In fact both NEC and Samsung had new TVs on display at CES incorporating HDBaseT’s tech.

At CES, HDBaseT demonstrated its ability to handle 4K video and assure that no matter where you decide to put your 4K player – whatever that may be – it will be ready to handle it!