Harman, a Samsung Company

The Harman booth housed a number of sister companies, including Revel, JBL, Mark Levinson, Arcam, Lexicon, and Harman itself (Harman once owned Infinity, but that classic marque appears to have been killed off).

Shown in the photo is a new line of wireless and “smart” products boasting the also once iconic (then Harman Kardon) Citation name, most of which will ship this month. The tall, conical Citation Tower speakers here (which I’ve dubbed Harman’s answer to Alexa, though I don’t think they’ll give you the weather or tell a joke if you ask), sell for $2500/pair, and appear to be primarily wireless speakers with downward-firing 8-inch woofers.

But the big event in the Harman booth was a spectacular home theater demo featuring a bushel of JBL Synthesis electronics and speakers (the audio setup alone will set you back around $212,000 retail), a 17-foot wide, woven, acoustically transparent screen, and Sony’s 5000ES laser-lit 4K projector ($60,000, the only place at the show where, to my knowledge, this projector could strut its stuff). While there were more than a few impressive demos at the show, none were quite equal to this one either visually or sonically (despite the volume being about 3-5dB too high—a generic issue at CEDIA).

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Another classic brand destroyed.

RIP Infinity and Boston Acoustics