Rock Band VR - Fulfill Your Dreams of Being a Rockstar

Video game fans can take their rock-and-roll fantasies to a whole new level with the virtual reality version of Harmonix's popular guitar playing game, Rock Band.

The game is for Oculus Rift (the Vive and Oculus platforms are not cross-compatible). Any Rock Band guitar to be used in the VR game with the aid of an adapter that is included with all Oculus Rift controllers.

The VR version of the game is not like the previous video game. Rather than hitting chords as a highway of notes comes at you, the VR version puts you on stage with a band in a small dark club with an enthusiastic audience.

The guitar is the controller that can also be use to transport you to different areas on the stage—from right in front of the screaming fans to back with the drummer. I had a moment of stage fright as I began to play to David Bowie’s Suffragette City.

While game play is fun in a virtual world, there is so much more to VR than gaming. Short videos from shows like Mr. Robot and a U2 music video are just the beginning of a new way to experience entertainment content.