GoldenEar Technology Goes Wide and Tall

GoldenEar Technology introduced its new 3D Array XL soundbar (Spring, $1500). It's wide enough to accommodate a 70-inch HDTV, and as a passive soundbar requires an external AVR. GoldenEar recommends separate surrounds and a subwoofer for optimum results (not included), though it can operate without them. The outer drivers at the far left and right carry out-of-phase information from the opposite channel. The intent of this arrangement is to at least partially null out the left ear hearing information from the right channel and vice versa. It worked surprisingly well, with sound that spread well beyond the confines of the cabinet. Makes me wonder what this technique might do for conventional stereo loudspeakers.

GoldenEar also introduced its new Triton One ($5000/pair, April 2014. It physically resembles the look of the company's other models, only larger. The speaker more than lived up to the company's reputation for both high-end sound and value, embarrassing more than a few far more expensive speakers at the show. By no means did I get the chance to visit all the audio rooms at the Venetian hotel (the CES venue for high-end audio), but of those I did, the sound I heard from the Triton Ones was exceeded only by the far pricier Joseph Audio Pearl 3 system.