New GoldenEar SuperSub Is Inertially Balanced

The paired active and passive drivers on GoldenEar Technology's new SuperSub XXL are "inertially balanced both horizontally and vertically," Sandy Gross told showgoers.

That includes the active drivers on the sides and the passive drivers at top and bottom, all 12 inches, and driven by a 1600-watt Class D amp. Gross says the pleasingly not-quite-rectangular enclosure is so stable you can balance a coin on the edge without vibration dropping it to the floor.

The XXL ships in the first week of November for $1,999. It woofed mightily in a demo of Unbroken with GoldenEar's existing Invisa HTR 7000 in-ceiling and Invisa MPX Multipolar surround. The pair of Triton Ones towers in the front were set up for stereo listening only. GoldenEar's folded ribbon tweeter did a fine job of handling the Atmos height effects.