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Velodyne Digital Drive 1812 Signature EditionVelodyne Digital Drive 1812 Signature Edition Velodyne's "statement" subwoofer features the latest digital signal processing capabilities, with the most extensive setup controls I've encountered in a sub. The equalizer has eight adjustable bands between 20 and 100 Hz, plus there are six presets to store various settings. The biggest setup obstacle is the nearly 400-pound cabinet. And you need a 20-ampere AC circuit with a 20-amp socket to plug it in!

This sub delivered a minimum of 112 dB SPL from 32 Hz on up and put out a truly impressive 101 dB at a teeth-rattling 16 Hz. The clean, even bass extended to the lowest pipe-organ note. The sound was strong, deep, and enveloping without sacrificing precise imaging. On The Matrix Reloaded, it registered 116 dB SPL, and it even produced 10 Hz when the cannon fired in Telarc's famous CD of the 1812 Overture. Sure it's big and hyper expensive, but it delivers ultra-high-performance bass coupled with unprecedented setup flexibility. And it fits into a remarkably small patch of carpet. extreme bass graph